In order to start creating the card we need some information from you, then we will take care of the entire setup!


1. Fill out the digital card form first, then you can continue with the other two forms or you can fill them out later as we design your card.
2. Keep in mind that if you already have a website please let us know that we can get a lot of information from there that you do not have to specify in the forms. You can provide this information to our email or text, for us to start even before you begin filling out the forms.
 3. You can also share printing documents with us, before you start filling out the forms with that we can get a lot of information including the look of the virtual card. Such as a business card, postcard, banners etc.‚Äč


4. The forms are embedded on out website. If for any reason the are not working just click on the corresponding buttons that are below. 


5. In the button links you can either click on the one that says not media or the one that says media. Depending if you would like to upload or not any media at all directly on the form. Keep in mind that if you select the link with "media" you will be asked to sign in into google (gmail) to be able to start. 

Form Links - No Media To Upload

Form Links - With Media To Upload